Server in a Box

"Server in a box" is a colloquial term that refers to a compact, all-in-one server solution that includes all the essential components and hardware needed to run a server in a single enclosure or box. These self-contained server systems are designed for simplicity and ease of deployment, making them suitable for small businesses, remote offices, or edge computing environments where space, power, and cooling may be limited. These solutions are convenient for businesses or organizations that need a server but lack the infrastructure or expertise to set up a traditional rack-mounted server. They are often designed for ease of setup and maintenance, making them accessible to a broader range of users.

Bare in mind that the specific features and capabilities of server in a box can vary widely depending on the manufacturer and model. When choosing a server in a box solution, we consider your organization's needs, scalability, and any specific applications or workloads you plan to run on the server.


Usually designed for smaller businesses, remote offices, edge computing environments, and organizations with limited space and IT resources. This solution provides a convenient and all-in-one solution for various server needs, simplifying the deployment and management process. However, the specific features and capabilities can vary from one organisational neccessity to another. Resources are dynamic and are allocated based on needs and growth. These can be added and taken away to fit the current business model at an extra cost.

what’s included

  1. 8GB RAM
  2. Storage - 400Gb HDD
  3. Managed Backups
  4. Microsoft Server 2016/2019
  5. Microsoft o365 Suite

  1. 100% ABSS Maintained Equipment
  2. Windows Virtual Desktops
  3. Hosted Network Administration
  4. One Time Software Upgrade Assurance
  5. Managed Hosted Firewalls Services