Data Center & Co-Location

Data centers and co-location (co-location centers or colo facilities) are essential components of modern IT infrastructure and play vital roles in ensuring the availability, security, and scalability of computing resources. Data centers serve as the core infrastructure for housing and managing computing resources, while colocation services provide a flexible and cost-effective solution for organizations to securely host their own equipment within these data center facilities. The choice between a private data center and colocation depends on factors like an organization's size, budget, scalability requirements, and desire for control over IT equipment. Both options are critical for ensuring the availability and reliability of IT services in the digital age.

Business App Hosting

  • Professional Tools hosting (sage, liquid files, quickbooks)
  • Private Cloud
  • Windows Server 2019/2022 Environment
  • Hosted Office 365 Applicaitons Includes ABSS ClearMail message security service
  • Secured Branch office tunnel

Datacenter Co-Location

  • Datacenter space available from 2U to full cabinet
  • Riverside CADC1 or Las Vegas NVDC1 locations
  • Datacenter facilities include 24×7 security, remote hands IT
  • Physical security assurances
  • Assurance - Data backup confirmation
  • Hardware rentals