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ABSS ClearView

ClearView is a comprehensive approach to IT management that allows organizations and managed service providers (MSPs) to monitor, maintain, and manage IT systems and infrastructure remotely. Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) tools and practices are especially crucial for ensuring the health, security, and efficiency of computer networks, servers, endpoints, and other devices. Here an overview of what our remote monitoing and managemnt entails:

  • Real-Time network monitoring with remote remediation
  • Lightweight monitoring ClearView agent
  • Server, workstation and network hardware monitoring with ClearView SNMP Agent
  • Windows Servers/Desktop, Mac OS and Linux compatibility
  • Intrusion Detection & Intrusion Protection Systems
  • Email & SMS alerts
  • ABSS Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • Executive reporting of network and services daily, weekly and/or monthly

Remote & Ons-Site IT Support

Provided to individuals, organizations, or end-users to assist them with resolving technical issues, troubleshooting problems, and maintaining the functionality of their information technology systems and devices. IT support can take various forms, ranging from in-house IT departments to outsourced managed IT service providers (ABSS Inc.). Here are some key benefits of ABSS IT support:

  • Emergency dispatch to local Southern California
  • Competitive flat travel rates
  • Custom support time increments
  • Afterhours support available via on-call technician
  • Remote problem remediation and on-site escalation
  • Formally billed after minimum service threshold (2hrs)

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Semi-Annual Network Reviews

A synoptic evaluation of an organization's computer network infrastructure. The primary purpose of a network review is to assess the network's performance, security, and overall health. It helps identify areas that need improvement, optimization, or expansion.A network review should be conducted periodically to keep the network infrastructure optimized, secure, and aligned with the organization's evolving requirements. It's often advisable to engage experienced IT professionals or network consultants to perform a thorough network assessment and provide recommendations for improvements. Here's an overview of the key aspects covered in our network review:

  • Full network inventory
  • External/Internal Vulnerability assessment
  • On-site security audit
  • Laymen's documentation for easier understanding
  • Annual technological roadmap and capacity planning with dedicated account manager